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The Nigerian Physician Advocacy Group (NPAG)

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Eastowne Family Physicians is a Family Practice Clinic located in Noda, Eastway, Plaza Midwood, Charlotte, NC. We are committed to giving you comfort and relief from your immediate symptoms. We also look for the underlying causes of our patient’s conditions to improve their health and quality of life. We accomplish this by prioritizing patient care and compassion, making patient education and involvement a key component of our treatment plans, and continually innovating our technology for better outcomes.

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Zion Medical Group is a clinical practice located in Phoenix, Arizona and predominantly dedicated to caring for in-patients in the areas of Internal medicine, Pediatrics, Infectious disease and Wound care at hospitals, skilled nursing, rehabilitation, and long-term care facilities. We exist to humbly serve our clients as we provide the best care ever for all people. Zion Medical Group began in October of 2014 with a mission to bring care and compassion to hospitalized patients. This mission was born out of a lack of empathy, compassion, and love in the healthcare delivery system. We have a vision for healthcare delivery systems that bring back the human touch and personal connection, allowing us to bring healing to the body and the soul. We achieve this vision by focusing on building a team of amazing people who happen to be healthcare providers."

Thanks to one of our fundraising sponsor, @georgiaplastic

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery is Atlanta’s premier cosmetic plastic surgery service for men and women. We offer both surgical and non-surgical procedures in a safe environment. We are dedicated to patient safety, surgical excellence, and satisfaction. Our sister organization, Abuja Plastics operates in Lagos and Abuja Nigeria.

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