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The Nigerian Physicians Advocacy Group (NPAG)

Happy International Women's Day. ...

We at NPAG wishes you a loving and peaceful month of march. ...

The time to vote has come!
Please don't sell your vote.
Vote for good health.
Your vote will count!

As we approach the 2023 General election, we need to know that we can only move forward as a nation when we agree to work together in harmony to achieve our respective goals as a nation.

Violence is not an option!

We must shun every agressive actions that will tent the peacefulness, credibility and relevance of the forthcoming election.

NPAG remains competent, working with relevant organisations and authorities, to make sure we experience a peaceful, credible election.

Please vote wisely!
Vote for good health!

We have the opportunity once again to exercise our civic right and responsibility to vote.

Let us work together as a nation to vote the right leaders for better healthcare development and infrastructure.

Please vote wisely!

NPAG wishes you all a happy Valentine's day.

Spread the love!

Have you thought about the positive effects of good governance in relation to your health?

Good governance brings into reality the existence of better health and infrastructure for it's citizens.

As the 2023 general election comes closer, it is our civic responsibility to carefully access the leadership options available and vote wisely for the betterment of the healthcare sector.

NPAG remains competent, working to see this become a reality.

To become a member of NPAG,
kindly click on the link in bio or send us a dm.

Please vote wisely.

Welcome to the election month!February has a lot in store for our nation.
We at NPAG wishes you all a happy New month.

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