Clean Water Initiative

Water borne diseases coupled with inadequate waste management continues to be a major cause of mortality and loss of economic productivity in most rural parts of Nigeria. It is the responsibility of the local government to provide access to basic amenities including clean water.

Ogbona, Etsako Central, Edo State

Ogbona village has a population of 18,500 with a Primary Healthcare Center (PHC) that was commissioned in 1961. Unfortunately, the PHC has suffered many years of neglect with dire consequences to the inhabitants of Ogbona and surrounding communities. Access to clean water is very limited. The PHC buys water monthly to fulfill the needs of the center. With a budget of N10,000 ($17) per month, water is extremely rationed.


Aliade Community, Benue State

Aliade is a rural community located in Benue State with an estimated population of about 500,000-800,000 inhabitants.

Access to clean water
Our solution to their water problem is to build boreholes in various parts of the community.

Waste Management
We will create a system where a waste company will come to the community periodically to clear out the trash dumped on the streets.


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