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3122 Fincher Farm Rd, Ste 100-230, Matthews, NC 28105.
Email: info@npagroup.org

    NPAG Wishes you all a happy new month.

    We aspire to see growth and development become a reality in our healthcare, infrastructure and governmental sector.

    Become a member today, support/donate as we work steadily to achieve this.

    NPAG, building a formidable Nigerian constituency. ...

    During this election season, it is important to get your Permanent voters card (PVC) because your vote is your power.

    We all have the responsibility to critically access the leadership options and vote for individuals that will invest in us.

    Click on the link in bio to know more on how to get your PVC or kindly DM us for more information.

    NPAG wishes you all happy new month! ...

    The goal of improved system of living lies in the hands of every citizen in the nation.
    We have to work together to institutionalize a working healthcare system, good security of life and property, through better governance.
    Change starts with you!
    Let's work together to experience national progress.
    Join us / Donate to make this a reality.

    Why do people sell their votes?

    Is it a lack of trust in our electoral system or poverty?

    Whatever the case maybe, our future highly depends on how well we vote this time round.

    Let's have your thoughts on this in the comments section.

    Elections in Nigeria has been characterised by electoral malpractices, corruption, violence and even DEATH.

    NPAG says NO to all electoral vices and are working as change agents to create a better system of election in Nigeria.

    The recent electoral reform bill signed by the President is an effect of NPAG and other electoral activists' drive for postive change in our elections.

    NPAG has worked in collaboration with ReadytoLeadAfrica to call for better voting systems and elections devoid of malpractice.

    Join us/donate to NPAG to make this a reality.

    Happy international women's day to all great, inspiring and visionary women acting as change agents in the world.

    Kindly shout out or talk about a woman who has hugely impacted your life in the comment section.

    Welcome to the month of March!

    As we draw closer to the National elections, we should remind ourselves of a few things.

    It is an opportunity for a new direction towards a better system of governance.

    We humbly request that everyone work together with NPAG and other electoral activist groups by getting prepared to vote for change.

    NPAG wishes you a happy new month.