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The Nigerian Physician Advocacy Group (NPAG)

As we strive to see quality healthcare and health infrastructure established in our nation, we also have the aim, vision and plan to see that clean water is available and accessible for all persons especially in rural communities where there is scarcity of water.

NPAG is working to make this a reality.

Currently, NPAG is working to see that clean water is made available to people living in Ogbonna community.

To be part of this project, or to become our member, kindly click on the link in bio.

The 2023 General Election is of utmost important to you and to future generations.

We are change agents working to see that good governance will facilitate quality healthcare for everyone.

The sole problem of our nation is undoubtedly, the lack of quality or good leadership.

Let us come together as one, to vote the RIGHT candidate, who will take our nation to a higher level.
Please get your PVC!
For information on how to register for your PVC, to do your PVC transfer or anything related to you having your PVC ready to vote, please send us a dm or click on the link in bio.

We at NPAG, wishes every Nigerian a happy Democracy day! ...

It's time to exercise our power as citizens. It is time to take back our nation.

It's time to purposefully participate in seeing that a new Nigeria will be birthed through the forthcoming 2023 elections.

Do you have your permanently voters card?

If you don't have it yet, you can get it quickly and easily.

Kindly send us a dm or click in the link in bio and you will be assisted in getting your pvc.

According to recent survey by the world health organization (WHO), Nigeria healthcare system ranks among the fourth worst in the world.

The poor level of health care, facilities and infrastructure currently available is unacceptable.

NPAG goal is to create a system where quality healthcare can be administered to everyone in the nation through good governance.

We aim to influence the decision of the government into taking steps that will improve and make our health Care system better and available for all.

You too can join in the fight to see better healthcare become a reality in Nigeria.

To become a member or donate, kindly send us a dm no or click on the link in our bio.

How important is the forthcoming 2023 general election to you?

The online INEC pre-registration scheme ends on the 30th of May, 2022.

However, pvc registration will still continue physically at designated centers till June 30th 2022.

Elections decide the future of a nation.

We have the duty to work out and create a better future for ourselves and our nation at large.

Our collective participation by getting our pvc ready and voting in the right leaders is very important.

NPAG Wishes you all a happy new month.

We aspire to see growth and development become a reality in our healthcare, infrastructure and governmental sector.

Become a member today, support/donate as we work steadily to achieve this.

NPAG, building a formidable Nigerian constituency. ...

During this election season, it is important to get your Permanent voters card (PVC) because your vote is your power.

We all have the responsibility to critically access the leadership options and vote for individuals that will invest in us.

Click on the link in bio to know more on how to get your PVC or kindly DM us for more information.

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