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NPAG and SHIFT Nigeria have joined forces to help raise funds for medical care.

Police brutality has been a persistent complaint in Nigeria. The youths of Nigeria decided to step up and voice their concerns in a peaceful protest movement. On October 20th, 2020 the military poured flame on the fire when a battalion of soildiers was ordered to open fire upon unarmed, vulnerable protestors in Lagos. It is not the duty of the military to engage in unarmed, peaceful civilian protests. We now have young Nigerians that are injured or dead. The emergency response system in Nigeria is grossly underdeveloped.

NPAG and SHIFT Nigeria have joined forces to help raise funds for medical care targeted towards: (1) injured protestors that are currently being treated in hospitals and, (2) provide much needed pre-hospital care in high risk areas. We can’t do this alone, we need your help.

Please join us with this initiative.

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